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To use domain names with CashParking, they have to point to the CashParking nameservers. This points your domain name to your CashParking website hosted on our servers, providing your visitors our monetized content.

CashParking Nameservers

Our CashParking websites’ nameservers are:
If you use our cashparking nameservers, you will not be able to mange any of your DNS zone files (A records, CNAME records, MX records, etc.) If you need to be able to manage these files for any reason, an alternative to changing the nameservers would be to change the IP address on the A record on your DNS Management page. To do so, follow these instructions and change the Points to field to:

Next steps

What you need to do depends on where your domain name is registered:

Where it’s registered… You need to…
In the same HMA Host account No action required; your domain names’ nameservers are automatically configured for you
In a different HMA Host account Using the CashParking nameservers, update your domain name’s nameservers
At a different registrar Using the CashParking nameservers, update the domain’s nameservers at your domain name’s registrar